LDT Photography

I am currently a designer and amateur photographer. I started to be passionate and entered the art path in 2016. Commenting on my career, compared to many different images, I am quite new, however, with my passion, I have learned Many different from famous images and up to now, I still constantly study, the field of association from seniors, friends, enriching my image knowledge. I conceive that it is possible to edit my name in "Photo Village", learn to have selective filters, study with innovative thinking and after nearly 2 years, I have gradually formatted the style of yourself with the subtle refinement from computer to color image. So, if you love my style, if you adore the quality of the images I have, then treat confusion as charm. There is no wireless cable that can truly bind this "predestined" relationship between an artist and a person who knows how to enjoy it, don't you think?

LDTPhotos | Le Dinh Tuan LDT-Photography

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